ageratum_sun Ageratum

Ageratums are among the prettiest garden blues, growing well in sun or partial shade, from early summer to frost. They produce a profusion of fluffy flowers all season long and are good in rock gardens, flower beds and containers. They are excellent plants for beginner gardeners. The blues are most popular, providing colorful accent.

alyssumsun Alyssum

Alyssum is a tender and delicate plant usually used as a border plant or in the nooks and crannies of a rock garden. They are small and easy to grow in full to partial sun. They are also good candidates for container gardens. They also are available in pink, violet, purple and lavender.

bacopa_sun Bacopa

Bacopa grows best in containers and hanging baskets. Prized for hot-weather performance, bacopa will look fresh when other annuals show signs of heat exhaustion. Covered in tiny leaves with starry little white, pink, lavender or red blooms, this annual will trail and spread.

begonia_sun_to_shade Begonia

With lots of variety, Begonias are popular in flowerbeds, for hanging baskets, as container plants and thrive in a range of sunlight from full sun to shade.

coleus_sun Coleus

Coleus are very popular plants for container gardening and hanging baskets. They also look great planted directly in the garden in groups or as borders. They like sunshine, but tolerate shade very well. They also need and rich, soft soil that drains well.

impatiens and shade Impatiens

If you are looking for shade lovers, Impatiens is the plant for you. They do well in the shady parts of your yard or in hanging baskets. Impatiens plants have glossy, attractive leaves and come in a wide variety of colors, and some bi-colored varieties.

Marguerite Daisy

Mounds of single pink flowers that grow 14" - 24" tall. Used either in the back or middle of a container or garden. Usually a taller item that adds height and drama. Grows best in full sun.

new_guninea_sun_shade New Guinea Impatiens

These plants provide hard-to-find, brilliant color in shady to part-sun areas. They thrive in containers and also do well in the ground as long as you take the time to improve the soil and work in plenty of compost. Note that they're a bit more sun-tolerant than common impatiens.

pansy_sun Pansy

These members of the violet family herald in the new garden season with a wide variety of bright, brilliant colors. Pansies are popular, easy, and fun to grow. Fill an area or entire bed with Pansies for a striking spring effect! They also are great in windowsills and containers and like full to partial sun,

superbells_sun Superbells

These look like little Petunias but better! Superbells aren’t sticky, perk right back up after it rains, and stay compact and bushy even when stressed and don't need to be deadheaded. Just 6" - 10" tall and covered with hundreds of flowers from early spring all the way through those first light frosts. With long, long, trailing branches that cascade over the sides of hanging baskets and other containers, and spread over flower beds.